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We realize that selecting a memorial is something that most families have little or no experience with.  Because of this, we have created this guide for you on how to select a memorial and what determines its costs.


We offer materials in granite, marble, and bronze from all over the world.  The colors available include gray, white, black, brown, blue, red, green, and pink, each in various shades.  The most common material used in this area is Georgia granite which is gray in color and is the least expensive.  The material used is one of the main factors in determining the costs of a memorial.  We can advise you if your cemetery has any material restrictions.


We offer monuments and markers in all sizes since we can custom cut any size you might want.  The number of grave sites the memorial will serve, along with cemetery restrictions, will determine the size of the memorial you will need.  We have over 100 monuments on display, in varying sizes, to aid in your selection.  The size of the monument is also one of the main factors in determining its cost.


Most granite monuments today are always polished on the front and back sides.  The top and side ends of the monument can be left in the natural rustic finish or be ground and polished.  While polishing a monument does not effect its durability, it does give a more finished appearance and helps in repelling dirt and stains.  Polishing the top and side edges does add to the cost of the monument.


We have hundreds of designs to select from, both at our plant and in our design books.  We can design your memorial on our computer so we can show you how it will appear before it is engraved.  We also have artists that can custom design any memorial.  Since we do our own manufacturing, the design work and engraving have little effect on the costs of the memorial.


Often there are existing markers or monuments that you would like to match.  We can duplicate any design in any material.  We will go out to the cemetery and look at the memorial that you want to match and provide you with an estimate.  We can usually handle this by phone for your convenience.


We are very familiar with the requirements of area cemeteries and coordinate our installation with them  therefore, it is not mandatory that you be present when we install the memorial.  Unlike some companies, we install our memorials on a concrete footing and guarantee them not to lean or sink.



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Last modified: January 10, 2001

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